Western Belfast Bypass

An inescapable feature nearby to Groynes Park is the Western Belfast Bypass (WBB), a new four-lane, median-separated motorway bypassing Belfast and running from the existing Northern Motorway to join Johns Road south of The Groynes entrance. A two way underpass and walkway will allow access from Groynes Park to The Groynes Reserve. This public walkway will make for a pretty handy cycle-path as well.

Western Belfast Bypass 1

At Groynes Park we see the WBB as much preferable to the current Johns Road traffic, which will decrease by an estimated 90% once the bypass is opened in early 2018.
The bypass has some special features to reduce road noise.

As you can see in the diagram below the bypass is elevated and the road angled away from the subdivision. It will be surfaced with a special low-noise asphalt, plus a concrete barrier will further deflect noise away from Groynes Park. Lastly landscaping will reduce the impact of the road on its surroundings.


If you want to know more about the WBB, visit the NZTA WBB page here.